Volunteering Requirements

In order to meet the costs of educating your child(ren) with an outstanding Catholic education, it is required that each Saints Philip and James School family will volunteer 25 hours, purchase SCRIP gift cards, and volunteer for Bingo, and for carnival. Volunteer must successfully complete the required clearances before volunteering for any activity or event that involves children. (Please note that clearances are not needed to volunteer for BINGO or Carnival.

A family that chooses any of the Buyout options, must sign and return this form before March 31, 2018.

SCRIP Gift Cards Options

  • Purchase SCRIP. Each school family is required to purchase $2000.00 in SCRIP gift cards from 6/01/18 – 5/31/19. After the $2,000.00 requirement has been met, 50% of the profit of all additional Scrip purchased will be credited to that family’s “Earnings Funds Back” account. Families not meeting the SCRIP requirement by 5/31/19 will be billed $500.00.
  • SCRIP Buyout: $500.00 may be paid in lieu of purchasing SCRIP gift cards. This amount may be added to your FACTS payment.

Volunteer Options

  • 25 Hours Requirement: 25 hours (per family) from June 1 through May 31 of the current school year is required in our various school activities. Those families that do not fulfill the 25 volunteer hour requirement will be billed $10.00 for each unfulfilled hour.
  • Volunteer Buyout: A $250.00 Volunteer Buyout Fee may be paid by those families that choose not to volunteer 25 hours. The Buyout Fee will be added to FACTS account and will be paid over 10 months.

Bingo Options

  • 2 Shift Requirement: Each family must volunteer for at least two Bingo shifts. (Please call the school or Church office for your choice of Bingo Volunteer Dates by April 13, 2018, or two dates will be assigned to each family.)
  • Bingo Buyout: Bingo volunteer Buyout is available for $300.00 per family. This amount will be added to your FACTS payment.


Each family is responsible to volunteer for 2 shifts at our annual carnival. (Please note that there is no buyout for this requirement.)