Tuition for Kindergarten through Grade 8

Tuition and fees, as outlined on our enrollment contract and shown below, may be paid in ten (10) monthly payments starting in August through the school’s authorized collection agency, FACTS. New families must register online for the FACTS program at Returning families will have their account automatically rolled over for the new school year. All payments must be made through the FACTS tuition payment program.

The first tuition payment must be made in order for your child/ren to start school, as well as any outstanding financial obligations from the prior term. The tuition contract with FACTS requires the full payment of tuition under all circumstances. Withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion does not terminate a parent/guardian’s responsibility to pay the full tuition.

The school has the right to deny privileges such as field trips and extra-curricular activities, and/or suspend service to a student for non-payment of tuition and/or fees.

Tuition for Kindergarten - 8th Grade

1st Child $4,760
2nd Child $8,207
3rd Child $10,926
4th Child $13,017

Tuition for Pre-K 2, 3, 4 year olds

Days Tuition
5 full days $5.280
5 half days $3,407
3 full days $3,774
3 half days $2,645

*Fees are included in the tuition amount. See the Fees section below.

**Please note that a multiple child discount is available for families that have more than one child attending SSPJ. An additional $500 will be added to the multiple child discount for a preschool student.

A 3% discount is offered on the “tuition only” portion of the yearly tuition cost if paid in full prior to July 31st.


The following fees are included in the tuition amounts shown above:

  • An annual FACTS enrollment fee of $45 will be deducted from the responsible party’s account within 14 days of enrollment in the plan.
  • $750 annual fundraising fee. Families have the opportunity to earn all, or part, of this fee back. See the Earning Funds Back page for details. All financial obligations must be satisfied to receive a refund.
  • $150 Technology fee
  • $50 Home School Association (HSA) due per family annually
  • Pre-K students only: An additional $500 fee per student per year
  • New students only: a one-time fee of $250 is due at the time of acceptance and is non-refundable.

Tuition Assistance

Scholarships are available through the Diocese and Metuchen and Saint Philip & Saint James Parish. Click here for more information.