Welcome to Mrs. Scarponi’s Page

I have been teaching at Saints Philip and James for 10 years. I have a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I currently teach 4th Grade. Listed below are brief descriptions of the major academic topics we will cover in each class.


Students will learn multiple digit multiplication, long division, adding/subtracting fractions with like/unlike denominators and a basic understanding of the decimal system.

Language Arts

Students will read fiction and nonfiction literature for comprehension. Students will write narrative, informational, and argumentative text. Students will do independent research. Students will learn about grammar and writing structures through the course of reading and writing.


Students will learn about energy in ecosystems, simple machines, and electricity. Students will learn about energy and Earth's processes. Students will learn about the structure and functions of plants and animals.

Social Studies

Students will learn about the geography, history, culture, and government of the state of New Jersey.


Students will learn about the stories of the old testament and the prophets who prepared God's people for the coming of Christ. Students will learn about Saints and how to live in the grace of God; making good choices and doing good works.