Welcome to Mrs. Carrig’s Page

I currently teach First Grade at Saints Philip & James School. Listed below are brief descriptions of the major academic topics we will cover in class.

Grade 1

Language Arts

Students will build on the reading skills from kindergarten. They will be introduced to many genres including poetry, informational text, fairy tales, realistic fiction as well as many others. Students build their foundation in phonemic awareness and concepts of print. The lessons include integrated grammar, spelling and handwriting instruction.


Students will learn addition and subtraction facts up to 18 as well as learning two digit addition and subtractions. Students will also work on data and graphing, place value to 100, geometry, money and time, measurement and fractions, and probability.


Students are introduced to Bible stories and teachings of the Faith. The textbook has beautiful religious artwork throughout it. Students will focus on drawing, coloring and completing simple puzzles to reinforce what they are learning.

Social Studies

Students will cover subjects such as community, rules and laws, government, national holidays, map skills, geography, culture, needs and wants, and economic choices in the Studies Weekly curriculum.


Students will engage in learning about science and engineering, light and sound, and space systems in the Studies Weekly curriculum. Students will also use Mystery Science and learn about animals, plants as well as some seasonal mini lessons.