Cafeteria Policies

Standard lunch purchased in our school cafeteria includes entrée, vegetable/fruit and choice of drink. The cost for students in grades Pre-K through grade 4 is $3.75. The cost of lunch for grades 5-8 is $4.00. Additional food and snacks will be charged accordingly.

Students may purchase meals with cash, or parents may pre-pay for lunch using our PowerLunch Program. Students may purchase milk, water, and other food items ala carte. Students in Pre-K through grade 2 may purchase drinks or snacks(for morning snack time) on a weekly basis. Arrangements for these drinks can be added through the teacher.

Parents must give permission for students to have their lunch, drinks, and snacks deducted from the online lunch account balance (by completing the prepaid lunch account authorization form). It is the parents’ responsibility to check balances to ensure that an evasive balance does not accrue on the paid lunch account. Parents may utilize the capabilities of PowerSchool to check the account balance.

If a student’s lunch account becomes delinquent, the family will be notified that the regular hot lunch may not be purchased until the account has been made current.

The student dining room facilities are provided for lunches and special occasions. Students using these facilities are expected to maintain a clean, orderly atmosphere. Food and beverages are not to be taken out of the cafeteria. All refuse must be deposited in receptacles provided. Students are not permitted in the kitchen area of the cafeteria .

Lunchroom tables are to be left clean by the students using them. Failure to do so will will result in disciplinary action and the restriction of a student (or students) to an assigned table.

Proctors both in the cafeteria and outside of it are the school authorities in charge of supervision. Their directives to students should be obeyed. Students are to use the lavatory off the cafeteria area. If a student has a lunch time appointment with the office or a specific teacher, a pass should be presented to the lunchroom teacher/monitor. If an emergency necessitates a visit to the nurse’s office, the lunchroom monitor should be notified so that assistance may be arranged.