Kindergarten is learning to read!

03-29-2019School Happenings

Kindergartners proudly display their certificates for completing the March Reading Challenge. Congratulations to our newest readers. Keep up the great work!

Feeding Habitat for Humanity Volunteers

03-22-2019School Happenings

8th grade prepare lunches for Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

Rainbow Engineers

03-15-2019School Happenings

First Grade made their own luck for Saint Patrick's Day. They built Rainbow Bridges that would hold the leprechaun and his pot of gold. The students needed to see how many pennies they could put in the cup before the leprechaun and his pot of gold fell off the bridge! The students problem solved how to evenly distribute the weight on the rainbow, ways to secure the pot of gold to the rainbow, how to make the pipe cleansers stronger by twisting them, and how to use suspension to make the bridge stronger. They had a great time! With all these brains, who needs luck?


Winterfest 2019

03-04-2019School Happenings

WinterFest was so much fun! We played games, made crafts, ate delicious food, and raised money to fight pediatric cancer. Thank you to our wonderful Art teacher, Miss Veal, for creating all the crafts, and to Mrs. Korp and Mrs. Sharkey for planning the event, and to all the teachers, room parents, and families for making this event a success!


National History Day

03-01-2019School Happenings

On Friday, six of our SSPJ eighth-grade students presented their National History Day projects at the regional competition. Three of our students will be moving on to the State competition! Congratulations to all of our competitors. We are so proud of your hard work!

Energy Transfer

02-11-2019School Happenings

Mrs. Scarponi's fifth grade class is investigating the transfer of energy.


Honoring the Sister of Jesus Our Hope

02-10-2019School Happenings

The Sisters of Jesus Our Hope and Sister Michaelita of Catholic Charities were honored at Saint Philip & Saint James Church on Sunday. Our students presented them with flowers at the 11:00am mass. Thank you, Sisters, for all you do to educate our children and care for those in need in our community. May God bless you!


100th Day of School!

02-07-2019School Happenings

Today was the 100th day of school at SSPJ. Mrs. Sharkey and Miss Swick's Kindergarten classes celebrated by making posters with 100 items. Mrs. Kucinski, our principal, announced ten 10-second action breaks throughout the school day -- 10 jumping jacks, 10 toe-touches, and so on. We got our blood pumping today! Every fifth student who arrived this morning received a door prize. 100 days smarter, 100 days stronger, 100 days brighter. It's great to be a Saint!


Minute to Win It!

01-28-2019School Happenings

To kick off our celebration of Catholic Schools Week, grades K-8 competed in "Minute to Win It." The kids had a blast!


Catholic Schools Light the Way!

01-28-2019School Happenings

Pre-K A & B made lanterns to kick off Catholic Schools Week because "Catholic Schools Light the Way!"



01-25-2019School Happenings

Kindergarten class learns about “rectángulos” (rectangles) in Spanish class.

1st Grade learns about the Miracles of Jesus

01-24-2019School Happenings

First grade is learning about the miracles of Jesus. Jesus Walks on Water. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will always love you. He was always be there for you. He will never let you down.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

01-21-2019School Happenings

Mrs. Korp's First Grade class honors Dr. Martin Luther King



01-07-2019School Happenings

Pre-K learned all about the Three Wise Men and the Epiphany this past week. Here they are wearing their crowns made of "gold," Each crown features 3 gems-- our number for the week!